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Agia Aikaterini

Agia Aikaterini

Few Words about the Church

Agia Aikaterini in Pyrga
Agia Aikaterini in Pyrga


According to local tradition, the village’s most significant medieval monument is the tiny church dedicated to “Agia Aikaterine” that still stands (St. Catherine). This church is generally known as “Vasiliko pareklisi” (Royal chapel). Early in the 15th century, construction of the Royal CHAPEL of St. Catherine commenced. The structure is Gothic and dates to the 14th century (when the decline of Gothic art started). It has a rectangular shape with three entrances and an arched roof supported by three reinforcement levels. It is primarily composed of ruddy and emerald volcanic rocks from the surrounding area. There are numerous frescoes on the interior walls and dome. The St. Catherine’s Church in Cyprus is one of the most fascinating Lusignan relics. In recent years, the “Agia Marina” church was built next to the St. Catherine’s church.

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Agia Aikaterini in Pyrga

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