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Panagia Stazousa

Few Words about the Monastery

  • Panagia Stazousa in Pyrga
  • Panagia Stazousa in Pyrga


The abandoned Catholic monastery of “Stazousa” (meaning “dripping one”), which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is located approximately 4 kilometers south-east of the village, across the valley of the tributary river, and close to the village of Klavdia. This remote monastery, which is largely unknown to the general public, is most likely a Gothic structure from the fourteenth century. According to C., what remains are the remnants of a Catholic monastery. Enlart was the property of Cistercian monks. It is situated on the bank of the Tremithos River and is constructed from hewn limestone. The cells are now empty, but the church’s apses are impressive despite the interior ceiling’s deterioration. It was recently renovated by the archaeology museum.

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Panagia Stazousa in Pyrga

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